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for Men and Women of any age group Tailored to
preferences of lifestyle & goals

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Ivan Scannell
Founder of ISFit
& Head Trainer
I dedicate my life to helping people transform
their body & mind, through
Exercise, Nutrition & Ongoing Mentorship!
Your Health is your Starting Point...
Without it you have nothing!


Our Formula for Your Success!
Exercise | Nutrition | Lifestyle | Mental Wellbeing
At ISFit, we look at a person’s existing level of physical activity,
eating habits and lifestyle of the past 5 years.

Next we find out what events in those years formulated their current frame.
From there we work with the client to develop and define their goals.

These are important steps to address from the start as it allows us to help our clients
prepare and overcome physical and mental obstacles.

It is a journey of growth, knowledge and
continued learning as the body and mind become stronger.

With correct mentorship and accountability,
the right personalized programming and dedicated tools,
every quadrant of a person’s life will begin to change.

The manifestation of good habits will have lasting, lifelong benefits.

Client Stories & References

"There are hundreds of inspiring & motivating success stories at ISFit!
I hope a few of the following stories can resonate within you to make a difference in your busy life!"

Eamon McCaughan
Dr Drew Sullivan
Katherine Demlakian

50 Years old
Senior Accountant

James is 50 years old and works as a very busy accountant. We had a very clear goal to improve his health so that he could have more energy and feel great!

Together, we set a clear and defined goal to go under 90kg. So we have set our sights on 89kg in 6months. James has already lost nearly 9kg in 3months and with his next phase of training approaching we are on track to achieve it!

We are training for life and to ensure James is well equipped to maintain these amazing changes for the rest of his life!

Weight -8.7kg (103.4kg to 94.7kg)
Muscle Mass +3.8kg (62.1kg to 65.9kg)
Reduced Cheat size -9cm (124cm to 115cm)
Reduced his waist size -12cm (114cm to 98cm)
Reduced his hips size -12cm (108cm to 96cm)

32 Years old
Virgin Australia

Nada is an inspiring lady!

She was coached and mentored personally by ISFit Founder Ivan Scannell.
The physical results show an amazing result, however, it was Nada’s mental growth that had the most amazing transformation!

Improved self-esteem, improved personal & work relationships and more energy to take on exciting challenges.

Nada also had the confidence to pursue another passion of hers, Nutrition!
She has since completed her Advanced Diploma in Nutritional Medicine!

Shawn Strong
26 Years old

When Shawn commenced his membership with ISFit Wellness, our first phase goal was for him to increase his weight and build confidence in walking into a commercial gym!

We did this by focusing on Sean’s Nutrition - developing a nutritional plan that would allow Sean to put the necessary size on while limiting the amount of body fat gained. His Training regime consisted of limited aerobic training and a big emphasis on heavy compound movements.

The results speak for themselves; however, the most amazing outcome is that Shawn is so confident in his body that he now only trains at commercial gyms and is excited to achieve his next set of goals with ISFit Wellness!

Weight +7.3kg  (78.5kg to 85.8kg)
Increased Cheat size of +3cm (101cm to 104cm)
Increased his waist size by 3.5cm (75cm to 78.5cm)
Increased his hips size by 1cm (86cm to 87cm)

Shawn’s strength tests also have seen incredible improvements:

Plank: 2min03sec to 4min15sec
Wall Squat-Hold: 3m30sec to 4m04sec
Push-Ups in 1min: 25push-ups to 60push-ups

Backed by Science!
Our Focus Is On Your Body Composition,
Making Our Process Unique…

Your program is frequently adjusted as you move through
the different stages of your health & wellness goals.

With detailed attention aligned with your energy balance
(individual energy input vs energy output).

Along your journey, tools and education will be available
to provide sustainable results that will allow you to make a difference in your
Work, family and social circles…

We Offer Two
1-on-1 Coaching Solutions
100% Tailored & Personalized Coaching, with continually optimized program development based on your preferences and lifestyle to ensure you reach your goals.

A coaching solution that involves 100% interaction with your trainer ensuring sustainable results measured through continual review, accountability and support!

Send an enquiry for more details and pricing
  • Weekly* or Monthly Individual Coaching Sessions
  • Initial Coaching Consult & Introduction
  • Continual Review: Compliance, Progress & Client Notes
  • Comprehensive Training & Lifestyle Review
  • Regular Pictures & Measurement's Assessed
  • Unlimited Priority Email Support
  • Real-Time Daily Monitoring
  • Weekly Accountability Check-ins & Review
  • Full Resistance Programming & Recommendations
  • Full Cardio Programming & Recommendations
  • Scheduled Weekly Training
  • Daily Training Reminders Set
  • Full Program Tracking: ISFit Training App
  • Full Nutritional Advice & Recommendations
  • Caloric & Macronutrient Guidelines
  • Ongoing  Nutrition Optimisation
  • Full Nutritional Tracking
  • Supplement Recommendations
  • ISFit Educational Guides & Resources
  • Client Start-up Workbook & Tools

Send an enquiry for more details and pricing
  • Complimentary Face-to-Face Consultation
  • Full Periodized 1-On-1 Training Program
  • Exclusive 45minute Training Sessions
  • Full in-person mentoring and coaching personally dedicated to you and achieving your goals
Meet Ivan Scannell

ISFit Founder & Head Trainer

Body Composition Expert
Certified Trainer
Bachelor Commerce Accounting & Corporate Law
Dip Financial Services (Financial Planning) A Fin

ISFit helps me to lead by example, influence and have significance to people wanting to transform their lives both physiologically & psychologically. The program empowers people to stay motivated and accountable until they have achieved success whilst using a holistic approach, capturing every element of their well-being.

Connect with Ivan:

ISFit Headquarters
This is where the magic happens for our 1-On-1 Clients, Online Coaching Consults and Training Videos!

Take a sneak peak at our Head Office located in:

Suite 2-14 Kings Cross Road,
Potts Point, NSW, 2011, Australia

ISFit Wellness is a service that offers not only clear personalized advice and programming….

But coaching that offers 1-on-1 guidance,
mentorship and ongoing support through nurtured and safe communication.

We help to shift your mindset to
make you a priority
With a strategy focused on achieving your primary goals.

What if along your journey at ISFit
you also achieved the following outcomes?

Would it be worth it?

If you say Yes to any of the below outcomes,
then the ANSWER is an obvious YES!
  • Increases your daily energy levels!
  • Improves your Self-Esteem!
  • Improves your feeling of Self-Worth!
  • Helps you lose 10kg… or even 30kg!
  • Reduces your dependency on prescribed medication!
  • Improves your Mental Health!
  • Improves your relationships at work & at home!
  • Makes you feel confident in your clothes!
  • Improves your ability to focus on important tasks!
  • Improves your confidence in accepting new challenges!
  • Transforms your outlook to a positive & abundant future!
  • Increases your Productivity
  • Decreases your stress & anxiety
  • Reduces sick leave
Receive ISFit’s essential
guides & workbooks
What can you expect inside your start-up guides?

From the very first day you will be welcomed with a series of guides deigned to provide you with an overview of what your journey with your trainer at ISFit will entail.

This will lead you into the first set of Foundational Guides, encouraging you to build your wealth of knowledge and understanding of the most important pillars in your training regime.

You will receive comprehensive workbooks that will be completed and discussed with your trainer to exercise the mind and focus your attention on the first set of goals your trainer and you have set to achieve. I cannot wait for you to see!

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